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Servicing greater QLD and Northern NSW regions, Volta ESS is an energy technology and electrical services company. James has over 15 years industry experience in electrical, grid connected and stand-alone solar PV systems. Our in-house team comprises of licensed CEC certified electrical contractors, system analyst/designers and project managers (with access to our RPEQ engineering partners as required).

Our core values are geared towards optimising return on investment for our customers by implementing quality energy systems from concept to installation. Our reputation is built on a foundation of honesty, transparency and integrity. With a passion for quality excellence, renewable energy and related technologies – we will endeavor to build our brand and continue to be a cut above the rest.

CEC Accredited

Our in-house CEC Accredited installation teams specialise in both grid connected and off grid applications. We design and implement the best suited, optimal solutions with Return on Investment top of mind.

Renewable Savings

The STC/LGC rebate program in Australia makes solar energy an attractive financial investment. It supports exceptional payback curves, offers long term annual returns of up to 40% as well as cash-flow positive outcomes if financed.

Quality Assurance

Our wide range of premium products enable us to design quality energy systems within budget for our clients. We cater for the full spectrum of energy requirements from mobile and marine to residential and commercial scale energy systems.

Solar Energy

There are no limits to the size of a solar system and the technology has come a very long way since photovoltaic cells gained prominence in 1958. Today, most residential households can offset all of their energy consumption needs by allocating half of their roof area to solar. Small to large scale businesses are are able to offset a large portion of their energy spend by installing a quality solar system by consuming energy during solar hours. With annual cash returns of up to 40%, solar has become a great investment for anyone looking to save money while contributing to a greener future.  Click here for more info.

Battery Storage

Battery energy storage has seen some major developments over the years. Since the introduction of Lithium Iron Phosphate technology in 1996 (LiFePO4), the charge life cycle of lithium batteries increased by five fold. LiFePO4 is currently the leading battery technology in the mobile, energy storage and electric vehicle sectors with no real alternatives in site. At Volta, we believe that LiFePO4 has become the baseline in electrical storage and currently offers more value for money than AGM or Lead Acid alternatives due to its 90% depth of discharge and design life of up to 15 years.  Click here for more info.

What do our customers say?

We were considering solar for our business for well over a year. After sifting through multiple proposals and meeting various installers on site we decided to go with Volta Energy Systems as our solar provider. They were very professional from the design to installation phases and installed our 100kW system within a week from deposit payment. Volta also assisted in getting our factory’s electrical infrastructure up to standard and I was very impressed with their cabling and tray work within the building. The quality of their workmanship is second to none! Volta also installed my 6.6kW Fronius system on my home which is also performing very well!

Volta also assisted us with the best finance solution and we save well over $500 a month after paying for the solar. Once our system is paid off, I estimate our savings to be $2,200 or more per month. I highly recommend Volta as a top tier solar installer for home and business, thanks again guys I am a happy customer.

Volta provided me with a high level of customer support from design to installation of the solar system for my home. I decided on the maximum system size of 13.2kW of solar connected to two Fronius 5kW inverters (maximum allowed for a single phase home in Queensland).

Their workmanship was excellent and it was apparent that they went the extra mile, even though the installation was a bit more difficult than originally anticipated.

The site was managed very well and pristine on completion and the performance of the system is exceeding my expectations. I am very happy to recommend Volta Energy Systems and Storage to people that are looking for great advice and technical expertise.

I was in the market for a decent battery system to add to my existing SMA solar system. I received vast amounts of contradictory information throughout my journey, but Volta helped me make sense of my options. They installed a 14kWh Pylontech modular battery system and additional solar PV as my consumption exceeded my production during the day. Now, I am so to say off the grid and I’m very happy that I went with Volta Energy Systems. They were very competitive and did an great job. I will recommend them to anyone who needs trusted advice and exceptional service.

Highly recommended. We needed to upgrade our off grid system for our farm. From the initial contact to completion, Louis and his team were extremely professional, walking us through all aspects of the system and giving us much needed options. The difficult installation was no issue for them – always turning up on time and the system is excellent. We run all our operations off a 3-phase 30kVa Victron system on a 35kWh battery bank – our generator has come on for 4 hours in the last 3 months and mainly for maintenance reasons! No problem was too small or too difficult for Volta to promptly address. Great job guys thank you.

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